Erica Lugbill Listed #1 on List of Top Chicago Interior Designers for 2022

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Top Chicago Interior Designer, Erica Lugbill

Peerspace, a marketplace for booking spaces for events and productions, has listed Erica Lugbill #1 on their 2022 list of the 9 best interior designers in Chicago that was published earlier in the year.

The Lugbill Designs team didn’t notice this mention until recently, but we are so happy that our dedication to our work and our clients is getting noticed. The entire LD team puts clients first, each and every time. In fact, “Service to the customer above all” is one of LD’s core values. Speaking of those core values, here they are:

  1. Integrity
  2. Service to the customer above all
  3. Continuous self-improvement
  4. Proactive problem solving mindset
  5. Encouragement of individual ability and creativity

In the last year, several other publications have listed Lugbill Designs and its founder, Erica Lugbill, in their lists of top interior design firms / interior designers in Chicagoland. While the formula’s used by each website are different (and opaque), these are all unpaid placements that are a result of the Chicago design community recognizing the quality of work that the Lugbill Designs team does.

In the top designer article, Peerspace speaks about how Erica has built up a community, ensuring that communication is at the center of every one of her residential design/remodel projects throughout the city.

We look forward to uncovering more mentions from third-parties, that give testament to the quality of work that Erica and the team do.


My partner and I had some necessary corrections made to our condo unit which caused us to have to adjust some of the layout of our living space. We had to relocate a wine refrigerator that had lived in the living room for years. We wanted to relocate it into our kitchen but was overwhelmed with the task.

Talking with Erica Lugbill was the best thing that could have happen for our place. She visited us and immediately understood what we wanted. In talking to her, we told her that we might want to change a couple other items in our kitchen at the same time we had the refrigerator installed in our kitchen. She took pictures, measured the entire kitchen, and told us that she would start designing a "mini" makeover. Within 3 days, she came back to our house, and showed us a 3D rendering of a couple ideas for the placement our wine frig within our kitchen. We loved both choices, and settled on one of them. She also suggested several options for the other concerns we had with the kitchen. Erica helped us pick the products for our "mini" makeover and couldn't wait for the process to start.

After wards, Erica introduced us to her construction crew, when they all came over for a review of the work order. This was something I didn't expect, but truly appreciated.

The work began within a week, and her crew was completely professional with the entire scoop of work. They spent half a day just preparing the work area and protecting all the other rooms from dust and work debris. Since we have a loft, our kitchen is open to the dining room which is open to the living room, the crew understood this, and completely insulated the rest of the house.

Erica visited daily to check on her crew and on us, making sure to work out the smallest construction details and to answer any of our questions or concerns. Once the process was completed, the crew spent another half a day cleaning and removing everything that they brought into our condo.

We ended up with a one of a kind kitchen compared to the rest of the building, a perfectly incorporated wine refrigerator, new back splash tile, new pendant lighting system, new brushed nickel wall switch & outlet plates, and to finish off the project, a fancy industrial kitchen faucet.

Before hiring Erica, I always thought a interior designer would be an expensive proposition, but we were pleasantly surprised that this wasn't true. Erica is extremely talented, kept with our budget, and was completely professional. She is a great listener and didn't push her own choices when it came to material options. Not only did everything come out wonderful, put she suggested a different color for an accent wall, and it is amazing how it transformed the adjoining room. She is amazing, pick up the phone and call her!
Joe - Winnetka, IL